Personalized Learning Endorsement

(150 Contact Hours, 15 PLUs)

Middle Georgia RESA’s Personalized Learning Endorsement program is designed to prepare candidates to model personalized learning in the field and at the grade level of their base certification as outlined in Rule 505-3-.108 PERSONALIZED LEARNING ENDORSEMENT PROGRAM.   Each course is approximately 10 weeks in length. The Personalized Learning Endorsement is a three-course program:  

Course 1:  Shifting Paradigms

Course 2:  Shifting Mindsets

Course 3:  Shifting Practices

Candidate admission to the MGRESA Endorsement Program requires the following:

  • A valid, level 4 or higher Induction or Professional teaching certificate in any teaching, service, or leadership field is required for program admission. 
  • Candidates must register online under Course Registration for each course of the Personalized Learning Endorsement and follow the link to print the application for system approval. 

Course Descriptions

This is a job-embedded program. Candidates must practice skills with students.

Course 1:  Shifting Paradigms

This course focuses on the vision for personalizing instruction to leverage student engagement, motivation, and achievement. The candidates explore the aspects of executive function (self-regulation, emotional responsibility, task completion, working memory, cognitive flexibility, time management, reflection, etc.), scrutinize teaching practices of metacognition, and consider learning environments that promote learner agency. 

Finally, the candidates investigate asset-based language and classroom practices to serve all learners. 

This course requires access to an educational setting, students or learners, and/or classroom practitioners.


Course 2:  Shifting Mindsets

This course focuses on growth and mastery mindset, authentic and adaptive assessment practices, and asset-based dispositions.  Candidates will delve into key shifts in accessing flexible educational resources and will explore pathways to personalization. Additionally, the candidates will begin working with students as essential skills in research and data analysis are developed for shifts in practices.  

This course requires access to an educational setting, students or learners, and/or classroom practitioners


Course 3:  Shifting Practices

This course requires a case study project and focuses on personalizing instruction in a blended environment to leverage student engagement, motivation, and achievement. Learners evaluate the application of executive function practices, the use of growth and mastery mindsets and asset-based dispositions,  as well as research-based strategies intended to increase personalization and collaboration in the classroom. Finally, learners evaluate and design formative and summative assessments and analyze the data gathered from these assessments to guide improvement in personalized learning. Candidates are required to present their findings in a professional setting. 

This course requires access to an educational setting, students or learners, and/or classroom practitioners.

Required Texts:

How to Personalize Learning:  A Practical Guide for Getting Started and Going Deeper by Barbara Bray & Kathleen McClaskey

A Mindset for Learning:  Teaching the Traits of Joyful, Independent Growth by Kristine Mraz, Christine Hertz

Giving Students a Say: Smarter Assessment Practices to Empower and Engage by Myron Dueck

*All 3 texts will be used in all three courses.