(160 Contact Hours, 16 PLUs)

Middle Georgia RESA GaPSC approved STEM Endorsement for a total of 16 PLUs.  MGRESA offers the two courses needed to earn a STEM Endorsement. The courses must be taken in sequence. This program endeavors to abide by and provide expertise in accordance with the PSC rule 505-3-.94 STEM ENDORSEMENT PROGRAM .
Candidate admission to the MGRESA Endorsement Program requires the following:
  • A valid, level 4 or higher Induction, Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate field certificate is required for program admission.
Candidates must register online under Online Registration for each course of the STEM Endorsement and follow the link to print the application for system approval 

Course Descriptions

The STEM Endorsement is divided into two courses and must be taken in sequence.  Completion of the two courses is required in order to add the STEM Endorsement to an existing level 4 professional teaching certificate or higher. 

Middle Georgia RESA’s STEM Endorsement program is designed to equip candidates to create and implement STEM curriculum aligned to career connections and to ensure that students are provided authentic hands-on STEM based learning experiences in their daily instruction.

This is a job-embedded program.  Candidates must practice skills with students.  

Course 1:  Foundations of STEM Education – 6 credits

Course 1 focuses on STEM culture and pedagogical practices, the engineering design process, the Quality Framework for STEM Education lesson design, and content development inclusive of industry and higher education partnerships.  Candidates will develop an understanding of the components of a STEM Certified School in Georgia.

Course 2:  Curriculum Design and Instruction for STEM Education – 10 credits

Course 2 enables STEM Endorsement candidates to put the pedagogical practices developed during Course 1 into practice. Candidates will design and implement authentic experiences in STEM and STEM related careers for their students. Course 2 includes further design and content development, STEM unit creation, teaching of a STEM unit and submission and debut of a STEM unit as a final product.