(100 contact hours, 10 PLUs, Certification Add-on)
Middle Georgia RESA GaPSC approved Teacher Support and Coaching Program consists of two courses: Instructional Phase and an internship Phase. Participants in the TSC Program must be recommended by their system for participation in this program. This program endeavors to abide by and provide expertise in accordance with the PSC rule 505-3-.105 TEACHER SUPPORT AND COACHING (TSC) ENDORSEMENT.

Candidate admission to the MGRESA Endorsement Program requires the following:
  •  A valid, level 4 or higher Professional, Advanced Professional, or Lead Professional teaching certificate, leadership certificate, Life certificate, or service certificate with a recommendation to serve as a TSC from a local unit of administration or school administrator is required for program admission. Educators admitted to the program holding leadership, Life, or service certificates must have held a Professional teaching certificate. 
Candidates must register online under Online Registration for each course of the TSC Endorsement and follow the link to print the application for system approval.  

This is a job-embedded program. Candidates must practice mentoring and coaching skills with assigned mentees and groups. 

The Endorsement is divided into two courses consisting of 5 PLUs each and must be taken in sequence.  Completion of the two courses is required in order to add the TSS endorsement to an existing level 4 professional teaching certificate or higher.

Course 1:  Defining Mentoring and Coaching Skills   

In this course you will explore the roles and responsibilities of mentors and coaches in public schools, develop an understanding of adult learning theories, enhance your observation and communication skills, and learn how to differentiate coaching and mentoring.

Course 2: Implementing the Coaching Process

This course provides opportunities for the candidate to apply the knowledge and skills learned in course one in working with a protégé teacher. The course further reinforces the candidate’s skills to work with a protégé’s performance criteria and organization’s performance criteria, guide coaching plans, guide the process for analyzing student work and data, and utilize effective communication skills.